I maybe had a first love and had my heart broken, but reflecting on it, I don’t think that was love. I think as I’m getting older and having more in-depth relationships, maybe I’ll experience it. At the moment, I don’t know, exactly, if I’ve been in love.”


there is nothing rarer and more beautiful than liking every song on an album

fuck right off mate

the number of times i think “i don’t care” while people are talking to me is really getting out of hand

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It’s that mouth and those lips, try not to taste ‘em…

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i like knowing character ages and heights and birthdays because it makes them feel more real to me and i like that feeling because i’m a fucking nerd

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I’ve never loved anyone else. Never even came close.

Selena Gomez out in Ischia on July 18, 2014


i dont understand people who only sleep with one pillow

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